Surfbar- Changing Text Colors

How to Change your Surfbar Text Colors


First you have to go into your cpanel. Scroll Down till you find the file surfbarColors.php

Click the Blue PHP on the Left hand side of the screen

Then on the Right hand side at the tip click Edit File With Code Editor

(A new Tab/Window will open IF that box has a bunch of writing in it scroll down INSIDE that box and click EDIT)


Inside the Code Editor you will find a sectios like this You can Edit the HEX Color Codes IE: #FFFFFF is white here is a site to get the codes from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ...


// Bottom Surf Background and Font colors

$bottombgcolor = "#DF7401"; //Bottom surbar color

$bottomfontColor = "#8A0808"; // Bottom surfbar font color


// Top Surfbar Background and Font colors


$bgcolor = "#DF7401";// Top surfbar background color

$fontColor = "#8A0808";// Top surfbar font color main font

$textImpColor = "#00FF00"; //Text impression font color (below banner)

$menuItems = "#8A0808"; // Surfbar menu items (My Account, Open Site, etc)

$creditColor = "#8A0808"; // Credited account text colors


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