Terms of Service

The TERMS OF SERVICE for our software are listed on the following pages:

LFMTE (traffic exchange script) TOS page
LFMVM (viral mailer script) TOS page
LFM/TMS (membership script) TOS page

What do the TOS mean in practical terms?

LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM looks at who owns and operates the site. Ownership of the site is determined by the WHOIS on the domain. The operator of the site is the person receiving the payments when a purchase is made. The owner and operator of a site must be the same person/partnership/entity in order to use our software. You cannot register domains and license keys, and then rent out those sites to multiple operators.

If there is a dispute regarding ownership of a domain, the domain registrars and ICANN provide a dispute process to determine legal ownership. LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM does not participate in the the dispute process. LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM has no authority over domain registration/ownership. LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM will always use WHOIS to determine the current owner of a domain.

LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM license keys are not sold. Site owners purchase one license to use the LFMTE, LFMVM, or LFM software. The account owner can then create license keys for domains that they personally own and operate. There is no limit on the number of domains that can be registered in any account. The account owner, however, must be the owner and operator of each site with a license key.

If an owner sells one of their sites, the software license key for the domain must be transferred to the new owner. LFM domain license keys are transferred by the domain owner directly through their LFM account. LFMTE/LFMVM site owners must contact LFMTE/LFMVM so the software license key can be transferred to the new owner. The selling owner can decide whether they are transferring just the license key or including plugins in the transfer, but they cannot keep the license key for a domain they no longer own. LFMTE/LFMVM/LFM grants only one software license key per domain.

Plugins are licensed to an account. Purchased plugins can be used only on domains licensed in the same account. Plugins cannot be shared between accounts. If you have two accounts, for example a personal and a partnership account, and want to use a specific plugin for domains in both accounts, the plugin must be purchased for each account.

The LFMTE/LFMVM Resellers program permits one to sell the license to use our software. When a Reseller sells a license, the purchasing customer creates a new LFMTE/LFMVM account under the Reseller. The purchasing customer then licenses their own domains in their own account.

A minimum price is specified in the Resellers section of LFMTE and LFMVM. A license must be sold for at least that price, or bundled with a paid product that costs at least that price. However, if there is a special discount listed on the main sales page of LFMTE or LFMVM, the reseller may match the main sales price for the duration of that discount.

A Resellers license is available only from LFMTE/LFMVM. A Resellers license is not transferrable.

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