1. 3rd party mods- If you have had 3rd party mods installed on your script our staff will look at your script to determine if the 3rd party mod is the cause of any script issues you may be experiencing.

* Should we determine the 3rd party mod is not causing the problem we will fix your script according to our warranty.

* Should the 3rd party mod be the cause of the script problem we will have to charge you to fix your script. Which may cause the 3rd party mod to stop working, the purpose would be to make the script operational and not any 3rd party mods which is the responsibility of the developer

* Note- Since it is impossible for us to know all the 3rd party mods made by other programmers than our own and we do not have access to the programming code, it is therefore impossible for us to be sure our updates to the script will not affect those 3rd party mods. It is up to the individual programmer to make sure their mod does not affect the main database of the script. We can not absorb the time and cost of fixing a problem a 3rd party programmer has made that conflict with our updates.

The cost for us to fix a script damaged by a 3rd party mod will vary depending on how severe the problem is.

2. If your script is not up to date with the current version updates we have released and your script is experiencing a problem. You have 2 choices.

* Update your script yourself 

* We can update it for you.  Open a ticket and request pricing.

3. Should you not make a backup of your script prior to installing any updates, mods or 3rd party mods we can not be held accountable should there be a problem with any of the a fore mentioned installations.

4. If you have removed yourself or unsubscribed from our newsletters/emails we can not be held accountable for update and fix announcements we have sent out that you may have missed.

5. Installations of mods or scripts- We do not provide this free of charge. Should you wish one of our staff to install your script or mod purchases open a support ticket and the installation price will be quoted to you. 

* Exception to the Installation Fee- If you are hosting your site with LFMTE-Hosting (Chris Houg) Chris provides installations Free of charge for his customers.

6. TICKET INFO REQUIRED- If you refuse to provide the information requested when submitting a support ticket we can only advise you how to fix any problems yourself. With out access to your script via Cpanel and Admin we can not see for ourselves what the problem may be therefore we can not fix it.

7. Should your support ticket be closed either due to inactivity or by accident you CAN Re-Open a ticket at any time by simply logging into the support desk and looking at your tickets submitted. You can find the information in the Email sent to you Automatically by the Support Desk System.

8. Do NOT share or pass admin or cpanel logins via skype or any other messaging services. These are NOT Secure and your information could be captured very easily by hackers.

ALL Login information is to be passed via the Support Desk System so ensure Security and your site/scripts safety.

9. To speed up the Technical Support process please try to give as much detailed information and explanation as possible when submitting your ticket. If you can get a Screen Capture (picture) of the issue as it happens please include it as an attachment with your Support Ticket.


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