Lost Amin Password

The procedure is the same for LFM, LFMTE, and the LFMVM scripts.

The admin password is encrypted so there isn't any way to retrieve it, but, it can be changed by using phpMyAdmin.

Access phpMyAdmin, if using cPanel, you would log into cPanel, go to the Databases section and click on phpMyAdmin.

Click on the appropriate database that your script is using.

A list of tables will be shown, click on oto_admin (or if you changed the database prefix, click on the admin table using your prefix instead of oto_)

There should only be one entry here.  Click the Edit link.

You will now see the fields.  Take note of the login entry, this is the admin username.

You will see a password field and the encrypted password.  Put in your new password in plain text, for example:  123456

To the left of the text box for entering the password, is a dropdown box.  Click on it and select MD5 from the options.  Click the Go button to save it.

When you click to save it, the password is encrypted and a new "hash" will be displayed, not the password you entered.

Now go to the login page and enter the admin username and the plain text password you entered, in the example above, you would enter:  123456

You should now be logged in with the new password.

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